Maroo Park
마루 공원


There are plenty of tennis courts in Seoul. However, they aren't always easily accessible. That's why the tennis courts at Maroo Park in Gangnam are such a sweet place. Not only are they free and open for public use, but they are in excellent condition.

Maroo Park tennis courts


Green, fake grass. Just like Wimbledon, except it's not. Regardless of its fakeness, it is in good condition. There's nothing wrong with playing tennis here.


-Free. When is that not a good thing?
-Great condition. The surface, nets, and supporting facilities are all top-notch.
-3 courts. If people are willing to play doubles, that is enough room for 12 players at a time.

Maroo Park tennis courts


-Free. It is not a good thing when demand for the courts is too high.
-They are in Gangnam. This is not a good thing for those living north of the Han River.

Extra Info

Maroo Park is an excellent small sports park. If you come to play tennis, consider bringing along a basketball or frisbee, too. Just in case the tennis courts are being used, take advantage of the other facilities nearby.

Maroo Park

Sports and Recreation Nearby

-Outdoor Gym
-Walking/Running Path


How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Gangnam-gu, Ilweon-2-dong

Nearest subway stations:

-Line 3 - Daecheong Station (대청역)
-Leave through exit 2. Turn left and walk for 200 meters. Look for a small path that leads into the park on your left. The tennis courts are on the opposite end of the park from where you enter. If you can't find them, look for a map and pull a Buddha: be enlightened as to where you may find the tennis courts.

Posted June 14, 2015