Gongdeok Station


Gongdeok Station itself gives access to a relatively quiet residential area of Seoul. Lotte City Hotel Mapo is outside of exit two. E-Mart is beside exit eight. Otherwise, there is not much. Then why does Gongdeok Station serve as a transfer station for four subway lines? Yes, Line 5, Line 6, the Airport Express Line, and the Gyeongui-Jungang Line all use Gongdeok Station. So why are there four lines in this one otherwise inconspicuous station? Location.

Gongeok Station lies at a very convenient intersection. Road 46 (Exits 3, 4, 5, and 8) runs through a major portion of Seoul (City Hall, Han River) and will take you all the way to Incheon. Baekbom Road (Exits 1, 6, and 7) will take you to Sinchon or all the way to Itaewon. Unfortunately, there are no sports and recreational facilities within the direct proximity of Gongdeok Station. If you are looking for a way to get your blood pumping, look to one of Gongdeok's neighboring station's instead.

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How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Mapo-gu, Gongdeok-dong

Fun Fact (not a fact at all)

Citizens of Korea have been angered by the favoritism shown towards Gongdeok Station. Exits 11 and 12 had been planned on being built, but those plans were blocked after other subway stations complained. As it stands, exits 11 and 12 will never be built.

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Posted March 15, 2015