Sohn Kee Chung Park
손 기 정 공원


Sohn Kee Chung was Korea's first 'modern' athlete. His park near Seoul Station has a gold-medal field worthy of Korea's 'modern' sport, soccer. Gated and secluded, this soccer field/football pitch is a great place to play some soccer in Seoul.

Sohn Kee Chung Park soccer field


Artificial turf that has very little wear and tear


-The field is surrounded by a tall green fence.
-There are bleachers that offer a great view of the field. If you're organizing an event, this is a great venue.
-This is not an easy field to get to. Hence it is not too crowded. (See cons)
-The field is in pristine condition. Wayne Rooney would be proud to call this pitch his home. Who needs Old Trafford?


-Although the field is subway friendly, it is a trek from the station as the park is at an elevated height.
-This is not an easy field to get to. Hence, it is not too crowded. (See pros)

Sohn Kee Chung Park soccer field

Extra Info

-There are bathrooms and a park office on site.
-There isn't too much going on around the park, so bring your own beverages and snacks.
-The Seoul Stop wasn't able to get information on lighting. If you do have some "lighting info", shoot us an email. We'll give you some info in return.

Sports and Recreation Nearby

-Basketball Goal (not a court, just a single goal)
-Table Tennis
-Tennis Courts (Restricted Access)


How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Jung-gu, Malli-dong

Nearest subway station:

-Lines 2 and 5 - Chungjeongno Station (충정로역)
-Walk out of exit 5 and make your first left. Follow this street for 180 meters until it ends. Then make a right. Walk straight for 35 meters and take a left (onto Mallijae-ro 37-gil). Then keep following this street for 400 meters. You will find yourself close to the soccer fields.

Posted April 23, 2015