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Rock Climbing


Rock Climbing

Dorim-dong Sports Park
도림2동 유수지내 체육시설


Dorim-dong Sports Park
Rock Climbing

Dorim-dong Sports Park is a sports valley within a typical residential area of Seoul. Instead of a river running through it, it has various courts and surprisingly, a rock climbing wall.

The Scouting Report

This climbing wall is wider than it is tall. It’s not a place where you go with full equipment. It is designed more for bouldering. It’s a good spot to practice technique without actually dealing with height and equipment.

The Price

Free. (That's pretty nice.)


Anytime that pleases you.


There are padded tiles, basically very thick mats, at the base of the wall. They aren't pillowy soft, but they provide enough give. It is recommended that you bring your own crash pad.



Extra Information

The location is very unique. The sports park actually looks like a valley. In fact, back in the Joseon Dynasty days, it was a lagoon.

There are water fountains and bathrooms. You should know what to do at each facility.

Dorim-dong Sports Park climbing wall

The Park

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Photo Gallery

To see more photos of Dorim-dong Sports Park's rock climbing wall facilities, check out The Seoul Stop's photo album.

How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Nowon-gu, Sanggye-dong

Line 1 or 2 to Sindorim Station (신도림역):
-Walk straight out of exit 2. Turn left at the first intersection you come to. Cross the stream and continue straight past 3-way intersections. At the first 4-way intersection you come to, turn right down a small street. Continue straight. Dorim-dong Sports Park will appear on your left.

There are two bus stops nearby:
Singil 1-cha Woosung Apt (신길1차 우성아파트) - Bus Stop ID: 19-361
Bus #6650

Seongweon Apt Entrance (성원아파트입구) - Bus Stop ID: 19-332
Bus #6651

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Originally posted November 23, 2014
Updated February 7, 2016

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