About Nogosan-dong

Travelers and expats in Seoul usually don't get an actual chance to see the weathered side of Seoul. You know, the areas where the majority of Seoul's residents spend their nights and weekends.

What is it?

Nogosan-dong is a highly residential neighborhood that doesn't offer much except for houses and a few marts.

Why should I go there?

Nogosan-dong can be classified as one of the "weathered" residential areas in Seoul. You won't see high sky-scrapers or gated houses here. Instead, you'll see narrow alleyways and plenty of stairwells. You will see three- and four-story apartments and one-floor houses. Basically, you will see a lot of ordinariness.

And that is the beauty of Nogosan. Its ordinariness.

If you are heading to Sinchon, take an hour out of your day and go for a stroll through Nogosan. Admire the hushed streets and the hardened infrastructure. Then, head back into the modern noise that is Sinchon, hopefully with a new appreciation of where Seoul has come from.

Stairs in Nogosan-dong

Where is it?

Line 2 - Sinchon Station, Exits 5,6,7, and 8

Stay on the south side of the main street running over Sinchon Station. Crossing to the north will put you into a dong of another world. Sure, Nogosan-dong may not be as modern and flashy as what you see across the street, but that's the point.

Street in Nogosan-dong


Since Nogosan-dong is close to Sogang University, many of what restaurants the area has cater to students. Hence, you will find a lot of fast food joints.

Keeping with the theme of Nogosan, the restaurants are quite ordinary. For westerners, there is a Subway and a handmade pizza joint. There is also Ninja Sushi. Other restaurants include...


For those who are unfamiliar with Isaac, it is a franchise fast-food sandwich joint. It is quick, cheap, and somewhat tasty. They cook all their sandwiches on white bread. They offer vegetarian, ham and cheese, egg, and a few other options.

BonGousse (Rice Burger) 봉구스 밥버그

This franchise restaurant has a Korean take on a burger. Instead of using bread for its buns, they use rice. As a patty, the options vary. Kimchi, seafood, and pork are only some of the options.

Just like the rest of the restaurants in the area, it is cheap and quick. Whether you think it's tasty depends upon your pallete.

Isaac and Bongousse in Nogosan-dong


Gaja Liquor & Wine (가자 주유)

For any liquor fans, this shop is a gem. If you have ever been to Home Plus or E-Mart, you will know that the liquor selection is quite limited.

Gaja Liquor solves all your liquor needs. They have a great selection of imported liquor.

Their pricing is fair. To give you an idea, a 700mL bottle of Jameson costs 30,000 won. They also carry higher end liquors like Patron, Don Julio, Glenfiddich, and many others.

They also have a back room that is dedicated to wine.

It is closed on Sundays.

Check out the Nogosan-dong gallery to get an idea of their selection.

Gaja Liquor & Wine in Nogosan-dong

Nighlife (Bars)

Since Nogosan-dong is close to Sogang University, there is a smattering of bars. However, if you are looking for something a little more lively, you are better served heading to Sinchon.

Bar in Nogosan-dong

The Sights of Nogosan-dong

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