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About Bulgwang-dong

Visitors to Bulgwang will always be pleasantly treated to a nice helping of nice and plain.

What does that ("nice and plain") mean?

Bulgwang does not reach out and grab you. It is a neighborhood that basks in the shadow of Bukhansan National Park and is content facilitating the thru-travel of hikers transiting along its streets.

The dong has good self-awareness. It knows not to exert itself too much and try to be something it is not. So instead, it presents itself as plain. There's nothing fancy to see. Don't look for anything. Just appreciate its role in facilitating your trip to Bukhansan National Park.

Why should I go there?

There are two main reasons to head to Bulgwang-dong.

1 - It provides great access to Bukhansan National Park. The Park's perimeter trail, Dullae-gil, has many access points in Bulgwang.

Dullae-gil sign in Bulgwang-dong

2 - There is a small cluster of streets and alleyways called "Let's Eat Street" outside Bulgwang Station's exit 1. The food isn't must-have. There is no reason to make a trip to Bulgwang specifically for a meal on Let's Eat Street.

Lets Eat Street sign in Bulgwang-dong

Just the Facts

Bulgwang-dong is relatively small. Its total area is 4.51 square kilometers.

According to a census in 2001 (completely outdated), the population of Bulgwang is (was) 78,415.

That creates a population density of 17,387 people per square kilometer.


Where is it?

Bulgwang-dong is in the far northwest corner of Seoul. Lines 3 (Bulgwang Station & Yeonsinnae Station) and Line 6 (Bulgwang Station, Dokbawi Station, and Yeonsinnae Station) provide access to the area.


As mentioned above, one of the few "attractions" in Bulgwang is its "Lets Eat Street". There are few different restaurants to be found here.

Chinese restaurant in Bulgwang
Japanese restaurant in Bulgwang


NC Department Store

The NC Department Store is located just outside exit 6 of Bulgwang Station. It is a very modern department store that has everything you'd expect from a department store in Seoul: fashion shops, restaurants, movie theater, etc. (Disclaimer: Technically, this department store is not actually in Bulgwang-dong. It lies just outside its boundaries. Since it is so close to Bulgwang Station, though, it is being given a pass.)

NC Department Store in Bulgwang

Kolon Sport (and many others) - Outdoor apparel

Because Bulgwang is such a popular transit point for Seoulites wishing to hike in Bukhansan National Park, there are plenty of hiking stores in the area.

Hiking store in Bulgwang-dong

The Sights of Bulgwang-dong

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