Just in September, 2015

Some things just need to be shown on the internet.

Stall for Pregnant Men

Restroom for pregnant man

Well this is an interesting combination of signs.

No sales here. On slaes.

sale or slae

Check out the slae going on at this store. What a bargain!

Movie Starts at 26:20

26 hours in a day

Don't have enough time to watch a movie? You do now. In Korea, there are 26 hours in a day. Be sure to catch the 26:30 showing of AntMan!

Flozen Yogurt

Flozen Yogurt...or Frozen Yogurt

It's so much better than frozen yogurt.

Openning Soon

Openning Soon

That's great. But when do they open?


Urban's Smoody

Come on! The actual menu is right. Why can't the heading be right?

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