Just in September, 2015

Some things just need to be shown on the internet.

Singing vs. Leg Cut Off

Choose wisely and sing

Choose wisely.
-Left? You shall sing.
-Middle or Right? Your leg will be severed at the knee.



3 chances to use "secure" properly. Fail 3 times.

Holyday Monday -> Tuesday will be closed

Holyday Monday, Tuesday will be closed

Holyday Monday? Okay, okay. This one gets a pass. Holiday is derived from Holy. Nevertheless, how do they expect to close the day of Tuesday?


Oganic Amazon Superfoods

Nothing beats oganic superfoods.

100 n

100 n

Just go straight for 100 n (whatever an 'n' is).

Read Carefully

gas notice

Thank you Google Translate.



But when will the construction be completed?

An Renovation

articles are tough

Granted, articles are tough to master.

During a Fine

smoking during a fine

What if you smoke NOT during a fine?

Fortress Trai

Fortress Trai

Is this a new dish from that new Thai restaurant?



Hmmmm...frech juice.

Go up a Ramp

go up a ramp to exit

Looking for the exit? Just go up a ramp. Doesn't matter which one.


Don't GO UP

Usually the "Don't" is emphasized by capitalization. That won't do here.

Impossible Turn

Don't attempt the impossible turn

Please mind the sign that tells not to make the impossible turn.

The Time

Please close the door the time

Yes. Definitely close the door THE time.

mm? mL?

mm or mL

mm? mL? mm? mL? Which is it!?


strange sign


Lowercase s...The Deaf...

Seoul seodaemun the deaf welfare center


You Here

you here.  no verbs needed

Verbs overrated.

Just the Feed