Just in August, 2015

Some things just need to be shown on the internet.


Flatform, not Platform

It's true. Platforms usually are quite flat.

It's not what they do; it's how they do it.

The Fun Company

Architect, Construction, or Furniture company? Whatever it is, they have fun doing it.


Rubbish Not

"Rubbish...Not!!!" Sounds like an old Wayne's World line.


Sandwiche with an e

Did you know there is an "e" at the end of sandwiche? It's a silent "e".

Coffee TeaCher

Teacher with a capital C

Make sure the "C" is capitalized.

Weke Board

Wekeboard or Wakeboard

In Korea, wakeboarding is not for the strong; it's for the weke. #wakeboarding #wekeboarding #weakboarding

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What is a doble?

Doble Event

10% + 5% ?? Seriously, what is the Doble Event?

Turn only the lefthand side.

lefthand side

Step 2 is important. Don't grab the whole valve. Turn only the lefthand side.

Does This Make Sense?

does this make sense

Help me out. Does this make sense: "...Multiples mound sewer comprehensive maintenance work."

Bicycles can be asked to leave immediately

Bicycles can be asked to leave

#bicycles #talkingbicycles #bicyclepeople

Translations are so challenging

Translating is challenging

Yes they are.

Can I? Can't I?

No turn in a turn-only lane

The road says turn. The sign says I can't turn. I'm so confused.

Good Advice for Riding the Escalators

Yellow Line

Especially, watch out for the holding between breaks.

No Smorking

No Smorking

No Smorking. Don't even think about it.

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