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Yuldong Park



Yuldong Park
율동 공원


Yuldong Park

Yuldong Park. Some have heard of it. Some have not. Regardless of whether you have heard of the park, it is in fact there. If you are in Bundang and looking for an excellent park in which to relax for a few hours, Yuldong Park is the place to be.

Yuldong Park is an excellent 'nature' park on the outskirts of Bundang. It is a popular quick quick escape from the big city. It is easy to forget just how close the big city is to Yuldong Park. The park does a fantastic job of shielding itself from its urban setting.

The Scouting Report

Hyochang Park doesn't get much attention. It sits in an older part of the city and doesn't receive a lot of upkeep. However, it has plenty to offer. Walking trails, badminton courts, basketball courts, etc. Good stuff!

Yuldong Park

Beautiful Yuldong Park


The centerpiece of the park is a beautiful lake which is surrounded by a walking path.

Yuldong Park

Take a stroll through Yuldong Park.


A popular attraction in the park is the 45-meter bungee jumping platform.

Yuldong Park

Jump. Don't think. Just jump!


Yuldong Park seems to be a popular place for strange sculptures and other oddities.

Yuldong Park

What is going on at Yuldong Park?


A number of burial sites can be found in the park as well.

Yuldong Park

Yuldong Park isn't a bad place to be buried.

Extra Info

Cycling is not permitted on the main path circling the lake. However, there is a wide promenade near one entrance to the park which is perfect for young kids to ride bikes or skate on. A bicycle rental shop is directly across the street from this promenade.


To see more photos, check out the Yuldong Park photo album.

Also, check out Seoul Scout: Yuldong Park.

How To Get There

Where: Gyeonggi-do, Seongnam-si, Bundang-gu, Bundang-dong and Yul-dong

From Bundang Line - Seohyeon Station (서현역):
-Use exit 2. Take any of the following buses to Yuldong Park: 33, 15, 17, 17-1.

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Originally posted February 11, 2015
Updated January 7, 2016

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