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Wolmi Park


Wolmi Park



Wolmi Park
월미 공원


Wolmi Park

Wolmi Park is the saving grace of oasis if you will. While the rest of Wolmido is underwhelming, Wolmi Park is worth a visit because of its beautiful landscaping and pleasant walking paths.

The Scouting Report

Wolmi Park is the saving grace of Wolmi-do. Although the park is quite spacious and even encompasses a small mountain, the focal point of the park is the traditional garden.

Wolmi Park's traditional garden is full of splendid landscaping. Water features, gardens, and traditional architecture have been combined to create a very serene environment. The only blight on the park is the deer enclosure. While a novel addition, the pens are slightly small and therefore a depressing place in which to contain wild animals.

Wolmi Park


Wolmi Park


Wolmi Park


Photo Gallery

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How To Get There

Where: Incheon-si, Jung-gu, Gaho-dong

From Incheon Line 1 - Incheon Station -Chinatown- (인천역 -차이나타운-):
-If you want to walk, follow the signs to Wolmido. It isn't a scenic walk, but it is close (20~ minutes). Or, take bus 2, 23, or 48 to Wolmido.
-Wolmi Park is the first thing you see when you get on the "island".

Posted October 10, 2015

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