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Sangdong Lake Park
상동 호수 공원


Sangdong Lake Park

Sangdong Lake Park is one of Bucheon's larger and more popular parks. It is located between Seoul and Incheon, making it close and perfectly accessible to those coming from either places. Although the park is not particularly huge, especially when compared to places like Olympic Park, it is still big enough to provide a wide range of activities.

The Scouting Report

Sangdong Lake Park is a busy park. The basketball courts are always packed with ballers. The nearby skate park is likewise, a popular place. The lake in the middle of the park is the centerpiece around which a number of walkers, joggers, and cyclist make their laps. Even if you are not looking to get any exercise in, this park is a good spot. It is an extremely popular place for picnics. Basically, this park is dope.

The Lake

As the name of the park implies, a lake is the centerpiece of Sangdong Park. It's not a huge lake, but is nonetheless sizable enough to make laps around without getting bored.

The path that loops around the lake is a great place to people watch. The lake attracts a number of people, and some of them are quite worth watching.

Sangdong Lake Park

The lake at Sangdong Lake Park


Are you looking for competition on the basketball court? There is a good supply of pick-up basketball games that can be found here. The courts--two of them--are especially popular on the weekend.

Perhaps mainstream sports like basketball aren't your thing. No problem. Take a turn in the skate park.

Sangdong Lake Park Basketball

Working on that Corner 2!

Sangdong Lake Park skate park

Skate or Die!


The park is a popular destination for picnics. There are plenty of grassy areas that are perfect for spreading out a picnic blanket in or setting up a small tent. Additionally, there are several picnic tables spaced around the lake.

Sangdong Lake Park picnics

Find a picnic spot

Sangdong Lake Park picnics

Enjoy comfortable picnic tables


"Bucheon - Sangdong Lake Park"


"Fantastic Poppy Field of SangDong Lake Park in Bucheon City of Korea"

Things to Do

Extra Info

There is a GS25 convenience store located in the park near teh children's playground. If you're looking for something a little more substantial to eat, there are a number of American fast food joints nearby.

Best of all, many of the local chicken restaurants deliver to the park.

Photo Gallery

Check out the Sangdong Lake Park photo album to see more pictures of the area.

How To Get There

Where: Gyeonggi-do, Bucheon-si, Weolmi-gu, Sang-2-dong

From Line 7 - Samsan Gymnasium Station (삼산체육관역):
-Use exit 5. You should be able to see a pedestrian overpass nearby. Use that bridge to cross the street. The bridge will put you into the northwest corner of the park.

Originally posted April 27, 2015
Updated December 21, 2015

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