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Gwangnaru Hangang Park
광나루 한강 공원


Gwangnaru Hangang Park

Gwangnaru Hangang (Han River) Park is the farthest east of the Hangang Parks. It is so far east, going there almost feels like you have left Seoul's city limits. In addition to Gwangnaru Hangang Park being so far east -- or perhaps because it is so isolated -- it seems to receive upgrades to its facilities as if it is on the tail end of the supply line.

Poor Gwangnaru.

With that being said, definitely go there. It has a number of unique offerings that the other Hangang Parks should be jealous of.

The Scouting Report

Gwangnaru is unofficially the "Bicycle Park". While in all actuality, other parks in Seoul are probably much more popular for cycling, Gwangnaru holds this moniker for good reasons.

The Bicycle Park

Gwangnaru Hangang Park is the major gateway in and out of Seoul for the throngs of cyclists following the popular 4 Rivers Trail along the Han River. There is also a BMX race track that is free to use.

And don't forget the young ones! There is a designated 'Bicycle Park' that offers lessons on riding a bike for children and adults alike. Nearby is a bicycle fun zone. Here, kids can ride an assortment of nontraditional bicycles: ones with different sized wheels, ones with square wheels, etc.

Gwangnaru Hangang Park

Are you good enough to ride with Cru?

Gwangnaru Hangang Park

These kids are.

Remote Controlled Airplanes

Looking for a place to fly your RC aircraft? This is it. There is a sizable runway here than can accommodate airplanes of all sizes.

No planes are actually supplied here. You must bring your own. But use the airstrip freely.

Gwangnaru Hangang Park Airstrip

Ladies and Gentlemen: Prepare for departure.

Inline Skating

In addition to the paths that wind through the park, there is a dedicated oval skate track.

The track is commonly used for lessons. If there are no organized activities taking place on the track, feel free to use it at your convenience.

Gwangnaru Hangang Park inline skate track

The oval track is indeed an oval.

Traditional Sports

There are a number of athletic facilities: baseball, basketball, soccer, etc. While usable, they are a bit old and in need of some upkeep.

Gwangnaru Hangang park baseball field

This isn't AAA ball. It's not even Low A.

Gwangnaru Hangang Park basketball court

Be inspired on the court with the Olympic Bridge in the background. '92 Dream Team!


Let's face it. Everyone living in Seoul needs a place to visit where they can just spread out and enjoy a spot to themselves. There are very nice patches of green here that provide great views of the Han River.

Pack a meal and a few beverages and enjoy a few hours at the park with no agenda. Sometimes doing nothing is the best way to get something done.

Gwangnaru Hangang Park inline skate track

Picnics and Bridges

Sports and Recreation

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Bikes
  • Open Space
  • Picnics
  • Remote Controlled Plane Flying
  • Skating Area
  • Swimming
  • Walking/Running Path

Extra Info

There is a small 7-11 near the parking lot of the park.

An Angel-in-Us coffee shop would be happy to serve you their expensive coffee if you'd like.

If you need to pee, you have 2 options: 1) hold it. 2) go to one of the bathrooms in the park.

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How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Gangdong-gu, Cheonho-dong

From Lines 5 and 8 - Cheonho Station (천호역):
-Walk straight out of exit 10 and follow the sidewalk next to the main road. Stay on the sidewalk until you cross over a highway. Look for stairs on the left and take them down to the park.

Originally posted May 23, 2015
Updated December 16, 2015

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