Nanji Hangang Park

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Nanji Hangang Park
Skate Parks

Nanji Hangang Park
Skate Parks

Information current as of September 17, 2016

Along the Han River, in the western reaches of Seoul, Nanji Hangang Park provides numerous recreational activities. Among them are camping, fishing, a mountain bike course, and a skate park. The skate park isn't much---it isn't going to thrill any seasoned skater, but it makes for a fun diversion from doing nothing.

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The Scouting Report

Nanji Hangang Park's skate park's features are not that fancy or big. They would not entertain Tony Hawk for too long--if at all. However, it is a great collection of ramps, stairs, and boxes that are more than enough to give the average skater a few thrills.

The Park's Features

  • 2 small halfpipes
  • Boxes
  • Stairs
  • Ramps

For any BMX riders out there, a BMX dirt track is right next to the skate park. Score.


  • The scenery is great. The Han River is on one side and World Cup Noeul Park is on the other.
  • Most of the features are small. It is perfect for beginners.


  • It takes a little effort to get there. It is not close to a subway station or bus stop.
  • Most of the park's features are small. It is more for beginners.

Extra Information

Bring your own skates or bike. There is no rental shop.

There is no supervision. Skate at your own risk.

A GS25 convenience store is nearby. Get your energy drinks there.

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Leave your wallet at home. Access to this park is as free as it gets.

Photo Gallery

To see more photos, check out the Nanji Han River Skate Park photo album.

How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Mapo-gu, Sangam-dong

From Line 6 - World Cup Stadium (월드컵 경기장):

  1. Go out exit 1.
  2. You will immediately see World Cup Stadium. Look for stairs outside the stadium that go up to the concourse level.
  3. Go out those stairs and follow the concourse around the stadium in a clock-wise direction.
  4. A quarter of the way around the stadium, use the pedestrian overpass to walk into Peace Park.
  5. From here, the best thing to do is find signs that point towards Nanji Hangang Park. Follow the signs.
  6. When you reach the Han River, follow it downstream (to the right).
  7. The path that meanders beside the river will lead straight past the skate park.

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