Sindo, Sido, and Modo

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"My dream is to go spend a week on some island with no phone."
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Sindo, Sido, and Modo

Sindo, Sido, and Modo

Information current as of July 26, 2016

Many people are familiar with Earth, Wind, and Fire, but are you familiar with Sido, Sindo, and Modo? They’re not a music group, but they actually do offer Earth, wind, and fire. The islands are especially popular for cycling. However, they also offer kid-friendly beaches, public and private camping, and a few water sports.

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The Scouting Report

Get ready to learn! Don't worry. Learning about Sindo, Sido, and Modo is fun. Check out the things you are going to learn about these three magnificent islands:

Sido, Sindo, and Modo are connected by short bridges. And why shouldn't they be? The three islands are extremely close to each other. Because of their proximity to each other, they are typically treated as one single destination.

Biking on Sido

Sido is where the port is located. It also has a few bicycle rental locations located close to the port (take a look at the map). The bicycle rental stations are easy to spot as they are on the only road that leads from the port. The first bicycle rental (located underneath a coffee shop) has the best bikes. If you have a big group, you may be able to negotiate a better deal. With that being said, the bicycles are very affordable (around 10,000-15,000 won for the day).

Sido's Beaches

If you explore Sido’s coastline, you will find some great private beaches where you can setup camp. These are great sites if you are looking to rough it out. However, be aware that all the marts and restaurants are not conveniently located. These campsites are for the adventurous souls. Sido also has the only Korean bbq restaurant along with a few local marts and seafood restaurants.


Sindo is the middle and largest island. It is also the most developed. Most travelers will eventually spend the day or night on Sindo. Sindo’s main feature is Sugi Beach. Sugi Beach has an excellent beach that is popular for camping. You will find ‘glampers’ and normal campers. The beach has a wash station that has been designed for campers. The view is picturesque.

Sugi Beach

Sugi Beach also has a boat rental station. The beach is especially popular with families as there is a shallow patch that is ideal for kids. If you are looking to sleep in a civilized manner, then there is a newly built pension/hotel located on the beach. There also is a restaurant, CU, local mart, and a cafe. The local mart has charcoal, but it closes at 7 p.m.


Modo is the smallest and least developed island. It’s a quaint island to visit for a few hours. It has some local houses and farms. There are also a few local seafood restaurants.

Extra Information

All three islands are perfect for cycling. Take your time and explore the local areas on your bicycle. Each island offers its own flavor.

If you are looking to swim, keep in mind that there are barnacles. Also, your swimming schedule is dependent on the tide. This may be a blessing as you could go mud-flapping.

Things to Do

  • Boating
  • Camping
    • Sugi Beach (Sindo Island)
    • Sido Island (for the adventurous)
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
    • Sugi Beach (Sindo Island)
    • Sido Island
  • Walking

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Photo Gallery

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How To Get There

Where: Incheon-si, Ongjin-gun, Bukdo-myeon, Shindo-ri and Sido-ri

From Airport Line - Unseo Station (운서역):

  1. There is only one exit. Use it.
  2. Take a taxi to Samnok Ferry (삼녹 선촉장). The fare will be around 5,500 won.
  3. Once you are at the port, head to the ticket office. There are ferries every hour.
  4. Buy a ticket for Sindo (신도). The ticket will cost 2,000 won.

While you are on the ferry, make sure you have a bag of chips or crisps. Try holding a crisp or chip in your hand. One of the seagulls will zoom by and snatch right out of your hand. Don’t be scared, they are quite accurate.

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