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Information current as of July 26, 2016

Seonyudo is one of the more intriguing places in Seoul. This island in the middle of the Han River used to be a water treatment plant for the city of Seoul. The city wisely decided to turn the eyesore into a beautiful park that is home to a variety of beautiful, interesting gardens.

The most pleasing aspect of the island is that Seonyudo has the ability to make you feel like you are completely removed from one of the largest cities in the world. It is truly a special place.

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The Scouting Report

Many people don't know what they'll find when visiting Seonyudo. Don't be "many people". A mere click of one of the links below will show you what you'll find.

Seonyudo is home to a pleasant park of the same name--Seonyudo Park--in the middle of the Han River. As such, access is limited. Access to the island can be gained via the picturesque footbridge from Yanghwa Hangang Park. The more convenient and practical entry for most people is the main gate near the automobile bridge. There are a few buses that let off directly in front of the park's entrance.

The island has plenty to offer everyone. It has a decent playground for kids, amphitheater, herb garden, greenhouse, scenic pathways, beautiful gardens, and fountains among many other things. You could easily spend an afternoon or even an evening here. Want to spend a morning here? Well, that is up to you.

For The Kids

This is the perfect chance to let your kids play in a sewer. Not an active sewer, of course...a former sewer that has been converted into a park. Several of the play areas retain elements of the island's old purpose. It is a great experience for the kids.

Picnics and Greenery

Have a picnic. Either bring a packed lunch or buy some food and drinks at the small cafe in the park. There are plenty of cozy spots in which to spread a blanket and enjoy your food.

The island's ambiance provides a great escape from the city. This is because of the island's location--in the middle of the Han River.

There is no subway station on the island and practically no parking. Therefore, Seonyudo rarely sees large crowds. This is one of the few places in Seoul where overcrowding is not a typical problem. It is a peaceful and tranquil paradise in the middle of one of the largest cities in the world.

Special Events

There is a small amphitheater in the park that hosts various musical acts throughout the year. The acts range from good to bad.

Fortunately, even though it is an outdoor stage, the sound is contained in such a way as to not disturb the peacefulness of the rest of the island.


Seonyudo According To Others

Photo Gallery

To see more photos of Seonyudo, check out the Seonyudo Park photo album.

How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Yangpyeong-2-dong

From Line 2 - Hongdae Station (홍대역):

  1. Walk out of exit 2 and go to the nearby bus station (Bus Stop ID 14-016).
  2. Take bus 603, 760, 5714, or 7612. It doesn't matter which one.
  3. Say "Hi" to the driver.
  4. Get off at Seonyudo Park (Bus Stop ID 19-277).
  5. Enjoy the park.

Enter via the pedestrian bridge:

  1. Take bus 602 or 604 to Seonyudo Park Entrance 2 (Bus ID 19-216).
  2. If you are riding the bus from Hongdae Station, this stop is 4 stops after the stop for Seonyudo Park's main entrance.

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