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Seven Luck Casino

Seven Luck Casino

Information current as of September 26, 2016

If you are looking for a place to gamble in Seoul, Seven Luck Casino is your best bet. There are two locations. This one (the one at COEX), and another one at the Millenium Hilton Hotel on Namsan.

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The Scouting Report

This is one place in Seoul where you should not have any problems because of the language barrier. It is illegal for Koreans to visit casinos. Therefore, Seven Luck Casino is 100% foreigner friendly. The staff and dealers are very proficient in English. So don't let your lack of Korean be an excuse not to lose your money.

The variety of gaming here is not extensive. However, if you're feeling the itch, then it will scratch just fine.

What You Need To Know

Admission is free. You must be at least 19 years old. Also, you must present some form of ID proving you are a foreigner. This could be a passport or an alien registration card.

Games And Bets

Game Min. Bet Max. Bet
Mini Baccarat 10,000 won 5,000,000 won
Blackjack 10,000 won 5,000,000 won
Roulette 2,500 won 1,000,000 won
Tai Sai 5,000 won 2,000,000 won
Caribbean Stud Poker 10,000 won 1,000,000 won
Three-Card Poker 10,000 won 1,000,000 won
Texas Hold'em Poker Blinds starting at 1,000 won No Limit

Food And Drinks

Drinks and food are free to those playing at a table. Food must be ordered from a gaming tabled. When it is ready, you can enjoy it in the restaurant and your spot at the table will be held.

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Seven Luck Casino Website

Gambling at Seven Luck Casino

How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Gangnam-gu, Samseong-dong

From Line 2 - Samsung Station (삼성역):

  1. Walk straight out of exit 5.
  2. Turn right at Hyundai Department Store.
  3. Walk straight for 400 meters.
  4. The entrance is on the right.
  5. Withdrawal lots of money.
  6. Lose lots of money.

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