Parc de Paris

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"I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow. I just know for sure I'm going to keep playing basketball."
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Parc de Paris

Parc de Paris

Information current as of July 06, 2016

Parc de Paris has one full court and two shoot-around areas. The full court has an urban feel to it. Whether it has a French feel should be decided by the players. Boris Diaw et Tony Parker, où êtes-vous?

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The Scouting Report

This basketball court is useful if you just want to shoot around. It's not a place you're likely to find a decent game of pick-up ball though.


Hard top.


  • The court is located in a densely populated area, so there's plenty of pick-up to be had.
  • The court has adequate grip.


  • The court is not well-lit.
  • Be aware of the nearby fountain. Especially when driving to the hoop or throwin' Javale McGee-like passes.
  • The court is much smaller than an official sized court
  • The two shoot-around areas are not in a designated 'basketball' area. They are better suited for children.

Extra Info

Parc de Paris itself is a nice park.

If you're interested in some post-basketball food and drinks, Mokdong Station has an underrated restaurant/bar scene.

Photo Gallery

To see more photos, please visit the Parc de Paris Basketball photo album.

How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si

Parc de Paris is a little more than 1 kilometer from Omokgyo Station.

  • Go out exit 2 from Omokgyo Station and walk straight for 20 meters until you reach a four-way intersection. Take a left.
  • Walk about 40 meters until you see a street (Mokdongseo-ro) to your right. Cross the road and walk down this street.
  • Continue for 920 meters. Parc de Paris will appear on your right.

**About 150 meters after you take a right onto Mokdongseo-ro, you will see Omok Park. This is NOT Parc de Paris.

There are quite a few bus stops that sit around Parc de Paris. You can take a bus to any of these stops and walk into Parc de Paris. Here are a few of the bus stops with buses that stop at them:

-Bus stop: Mokdong #2 (15-106)
-Buses: 163, 571, 603, 5630, 6617, 6620, 6623,6624, 6627,6637, 6640A

-Bus stop: Mokdong #3 (15-907, 83-026)
-Buses: 163, 571, 603, 700, 6018, 6627, 6637

-Bus stop: Mokdong #5 (83-018, 15-152)
-Buses: 163, 571, 603, 700, 6624, 6627 6637

-Bus stop: Parc de Paris (15-993)
-Buses: 6018

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