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Tours of South Korea

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BAM Travels
Tours of South Korea

BAM Travels
Tours of South Korea

By Honnie
- February 8, 2016 -

Backpacking through Southeast Asia is a very common occurrence for expats who have lived or are living in South Korea. In fact, it's almost an unofficial requirement for everyone who has ever been in Korea on an E2 Visa. While there are plenty of fantastic places to visit all over the Southeast Asia region, Cambodia is one country that particularly stands out.

But maybe Southeast Asia doesn't entice you. Perhaps you are wanting to explore Korea a little more thoroughly.

If you are seeking a fantastic source of information that will help you enjoy a trip through South Korea or Cambodia, consider consulting BAM Travels.

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Why Use BAMtravels?

There is plenty of information available on the internet about Cambodia and South Korea. No shortage of books exists about the two countries as well. So why not merely rely on Travelfish or Lonely Planet for your information? Surely sources like those would be your best bet for planning a trip, right?


While those places will definitely be able to help you and will provide good information, they will also fall short in the most important way....

With BAMtravels...It's Personal

The voices at BAMtravels know what they are talking about. They have been there. They have done that. They have dealt with the same frustrations that everyone else has. They have enjoyed the same things that others have. In short, they have experienced it for themselves.

But experience is not enough. Sure, it's important, but it's not everything. Danny and Sonya, the aforementioned voices of BAMtravels, also care. They love what they do and want nothing more than to share the joys they have found in South Korea and Cambodia.

The places they recommend are places that they enjoy, too. They stand behind their product. They believe in it. They care about it. Not because they want to make an easy buck off ignorant travelers, but because they want those "ignorant" travelers to discover the beauty of two amazing countries like they have done themselves.

Check Them Out. As In NOW

Click around their website.

Think about liking them on Facebook.

See for yourself through Instagram.

Follow them in real life and on Twitter.

Send an email.

Send snail mail:
UNIGLOBE Enterprise Travel Ltd.
34 Britain St, Toronto, ON M5A 1R6

Call them: +1 416-363-7491

And last but not least, stalk them. Find them on the street and talk to them in person. They won't mind.

There is no shortage of options. Make your day count!

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