Yi I Yul Gok

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Yi I Yul Gok

Yi I Yul Gok

By Honnie
- November 15, 2015 -

Most foreigners don't know who Yi I Yul Gok was. This is despite the fact that they see him on an almost daily basis. He is the face of the 5,000-won note.

And...he was one of the most prominent scholars of the Joseon Dynasty.

And this is where he is buried.

Yi I Yul Gok's final resting place

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Before you get too disinterested in reading this because you don't care about who Yi I Yul Gok was or what he did, rest assured that this post is not going to enlighten you on those matters any more than what has already been done. The only purpose of this post is to reveal a location near Seoul that you have probably never heard of.

Yi I Yul Gok's burial site is actually part of the Jaun Seowon Confucian Academy. After paying the 1,000-won admission fee, visitors are allowed to explore the beautifully manicured grounds. Surrounding a small, grassy lawn in the middle, there are buildings and sites devoted to the life of Yi I Yul Gok. His actual tomb sits on a hillside just beyond the scenic pond, and slightly above that of his mother's, Sinsaimdang (the face of the 50,000-won note).

So...If you are looking for a place to visit that is off the beaten path, then consider this spot in Paju. It is about an hour northwest of Seoul, near the border city of Munsan. And...it is a bit difficult to get to.

While there is public transportation, it would be much easier if you had your own car and were able to drive yourself. See the map below for directions.

How To Get There

Take the Gyeongui-Jungang Line to Munsan Station. Go out Exit 1 and take bus 11 or 11-3. Ride it to the end.


Historical significance aside, this is a quite scenic place to visit. Interested in seeing another landscape nearby? Check out this picture that proves Paju is the best.

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