The Best Restroom In Seoul
(N Seoul Tower)

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The Best Restroom In Seoul
(N Seoul Tower)

The Best Restroom In Seoul
(N Seoul Tower)

By Honnie
- October 22, 2015 -

Sorry, ladies. This post is for the boys. It's not because I don't appreciate women. It's merely because I have never been inside the women's restroom atop N Seoul Tower on Namsan.

I have, on the other hand, been in the men's restroom. And check out the view:

The view from the urinals at the top of N Seoul Tower on Namsan

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What is one of the most mundane, everyday activities you must trudge through every day of your life? There are probably a few good answers, but ranking near the top must be the act of relieving yourself---AKA, peeing.

We all do it. Every day. Well, let's hope we do it every day. Despite the frequency with which we visit restrooms, the average restroom is one of the last places most people would choose to spend additional time in. Why are our restrooms and the views above our toilets so dreadfully boring most of the time? Why do we insist on boring ourselves silly while peeing?

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There is at least one place that has taken the steps to change this problem. N Seoul Tower at the top of Namsan in Seoul is a pisser's heaven.

N Seoul Tower has a men's restroom WITH A VIEW!. Have you ever seen a better view beyond a urinal? This has got to be one of the best views beyond a urinal in the world. Looking out over Seoul is a great way to spend a few seconds relieving yourself!

With N Seoul Tower leading the way, change can happen. Next time you go into a restroom and are less than pleased with the experience, take out your phone and show the owner of the establishment this restroom. If the owner cannot be found, show an employee. If an employee is busy, show a fellow patron.

Basically, show someone. Show anyone. Get the word out. Do not settle. Pee with a purpose from now one. And start by visiting N Seoul Tower on Namsan and peeing over Seoul.

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In case the video above does not inspire you enough, check out some of the views in and around N Seoul Tower, Home of the Best Restroom in Seoul....and possibly the world.

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