Seoul's Waterfalls

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Seoul's Waterfalls

Seoul's Waterfalls

By Honnie
- August 15, 2015 -

Waterfalls are cool. There isn't much in nature that compares with the dazzling, mesmerizing draw of a waterfall. Whether they are small, large, trickling, or roaring--it doesn't matter--all waterfalls are awesome.

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The Waterfalls

Did you know that Seoul boasts some rather impressive waterfalls? It's true. However, there is one disclaimer.

They are fake. The waterfalls are 100% completely fake.

Regardless, Seoul has done a great job of fabricating nature. Although they are not real, the waterfalls are worth visiting. Even if you end up not being overly impressed with the actual waterfalls, the areas surrounding the waterfalls are splendid. Anyways, enough about what these waterfalls being not natural waterfalls. Let's see more about what and where these waterfalls are

Ansan Waterfall

Ansan Waterfall is a spectacular, slightly fanning waterfall at the base of An Mountain (Ansan) in Seodaemun-gu, a district in northwest Seoul. The waterfall itself is quite impressive, but the best thing about this waterfall is what is nearby.

Most obvious is the mountainside that the waterfall cascades down. An Mountain, or Ansan, is one of the best mountains in Seoul. If you choose to hike to the top of the mountain, you will be rewarded with a pretty good view of central Seoul that is completely free. Free of charge, and free of hordes of people.

Just to the right of the falls, there is a traditional watermill that operates for show. It is fed by a small stream that is just as artificially fed as the waterfall. Make it a point of exploring this area in April. If you climb the stairs behind this watermill, you will find one of the best spots for viewing cherry blossoms. The view of the cherry blossoms is especially rewarding at night.

To get to Ansan Waterfall, take Line 3 to Hongje Station. Go out exit 2 or 3 and take the 7021 bus from the bus stop (ID 13-029). Get off at Seodaemun Culture and Sports Hall (about a 5 minute ride). Look for Dongshin Hospital and walk behind the hospital. Keep walking towards the mountain. You can't miss the waterfall.

Yongma Waterfall Park

Yongma Waterfall Park sports 3 distinct waterfalls. They all empty into an artificial pool that sits at the base of a spectacular mountain backdrop. These waterfalls do less than Ansan's waterfall to convince you of their authenticity, but the surrounding scenery, thanks to the more dramatic mountainside, is much more captivating.

It is quite common to use Yongma Waterfall Park as a starting point for hiking Yongmasan (the mountain the waterfalls run down). The park also has a few sports facilities: basketball court, soccer field, etc.

Here's a little extra trivia about Yongma Waterfall. The government of Seoul claims that Yongma Waterfall is the tallest artificial waterfall in Asia. Is it true? I'm not sure.

To get to Yongma Waterfall Park, take Line 7 to Yongmasan Station. Go out exit 2 and walk straight for 200 meters. Turn right and follow the road into Yongma Waterfall Park.

Seoul Racecourse Waterfall Park

This waterfall almost shouldn't be mentioned here. It almost seems like a big fountain instead of a waterfall. Also, it doesn't sit on a mountainside. There is nothing natural about this setting. Rather, it can be found across from the entrance to Happyville. That's the name of one section of Seoul Racecourse's grandstands.

Seriously, you will be much less impressed by this waterfall than by the other two mentioned here. However, for reasons that I can't explain, I just felt like I couldn't leave it out.

To get to Seoul Racecourse Waterfall Park, take Line 4 to Seoul Racecourse Park Station. Walk down the long covered walk until you reach the entrance to the racecourse grounds. You must purchase a ticket for 2,000 won. Once through the gate, make your way to the left. Look for the waterfall behind some trees opposite the main building.


To see more pictures of these waterfalls, please check out the Seoul's Waterfalls photo album.

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