Sports Clubs, Groups, Teams, And Leagues

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Sports Clubs, Groups, Teams, And Leagues

Sports Clubs, Groups, Teams, And Leagues

By Honnie
- September 10, 2016 -

Sometimes the social aspect of playing sports is what makes things so fun. Here you will find a listing of various sports clubs, groups, teams, and leagues to consider getting involved with if you are looking for a few friends to do something with.

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We've attempted to make a comprehensive list here. Some of the leagues are professional. Some are semi-professional. Some are for amateurs. Some are for kids. Hopefully everyone will be able to find something that they are looking for.

If you know of any clubs, groups, etc. that are not listed below, please leave a comment below with any useful information you may have. Thank you.


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stunt climbing

If you and a few friends are merely looking for a place to play and are not interested in joining an established group, check out Hangang Park for a spot that is suitable to your needs.

Some places may require a reservation to use. If so, contact the city of Seoul if you would like to reserve any fields or other facilities for private use.

Anglo Info and Korea 4 Expats are two excellent sources for finding information about sports clubs, groups, and leagues in Korea.

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