Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival

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Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival

Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival

By Honnie
- April 13, 2015 -

Yeouido plays host to one of the most popular cherry blossom festivals in a country that is filled with them. For about 10 days every spring, Yeouido is filled to the brim with couples on dates, aspiring photographers, and representatives from every other walk of life. Indeed, Yeouido gets busy in April. Even so, there are nearly enough cherry blossoms to go around. Yeouido Park is definitely worth a visit during this time of the year as long as you are prepared to accept the large crowd.

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The festival is officially called the Yeoungdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival. It is much more commonly referred to as the Cherry Blossom Festival, though. After all, the cherry blossoms are the highlight.

The main festivities occur on the western tip of the island, behind the National Assembly building. Several roads are closed off to vehicle traffic so that pedestrians can freely enjoy the area without concern for being hit by a car. There are a number of tents set up on the road where you can participate in various activities and learn about different organizations around Korea.


Empty Mugs of Coffee

Empty mugs of coffee

An empty mug of coffee is not a mug of coffee. Is it?

Even though there are over a thousand cherry blossoms here, do not come to the festival looking for 'nature'. The festival at Yeouido is more about the party with the masses. If you are looking for a serene setting in which to enjoy cherry blossoms, consider another place such as Ansan. However, if you want to mix in a ton of people watching to go along with your cherry blossom watching, Yeouido is the perfect place to visit.

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