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World Cup Pyeonghwa (Peace) Park
월드 컵 평화 공원


World Cup Pyeonghwa (Peace) Park
Open Spaces and Fields

The 2002 World Cup left an amazing legacy in World Cup Park. This collection of 5 parks is quite diverse, and one of the more popular parks in the network is Pyeonghwa (Peace) Park. It is both scenic and big enough for the multitudes to enjoy. "How might it be enjoyed?" you may ask. By playing in the nice open field it has, of course.

The Scouting Report

World Cup Pyeonghwa (Peace) Park is quite scenic. Where else can you enjoy pick-up games of football or soccer with friends next to a 100-meter high pile of trash--that has been covered up and disguised as a beautiful park (Haneul Park).

Haneul (Sky) Park aside, the field in Pyeonghwa (Peace) Park is one of the better open spaces you'll find in Seoul.


There is grass on the sides, grass on the ends, and grass in the middle.


  • Lots of space. Few people. A great combination.
  • Scenic. As mentioned above, there is a beautiful pile of trash nearby disguised as a park.
  • Great access to the nearby Nanji Hangang Park.


  • Access is difficult. Prepare for a lengthy trek from the nearest subway or parking lot.
Pyeonghwa Peace Park open field

This field is top notch

Pyeonghwa Peace Park open field

Notice the big pile of trash in the background

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Photo Gallery

To see more photos, check out the World Cup Pyeonghwa (Peace) Park photo album.

How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Mapo-gu, Sangam-dong

From Line 6 - World Cup Stadium Station (월드컵경기장역):
-Exit 1. Walk to the south gate of World Cup Stadium. The south gate leads directly into Pyeonghwa (Peace) Park. Keep walking to the rear of the park. Follow the signs for Nanji Hangang Park. You will pass the open field immediately before crossing the bridge that leads into Nanji Hangang Park.

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Originally posted June 7, 2015
Updated October 30, 2015

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