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Ilsan Culture Park
일산 문화 공원


Ilsan Culture Park
Open Spaces and Fields

Most people who walk through Ilsan Culture Park don't even realize that it is a park. Most people treat it as merely a thruway from one of the park's popular bordering destinations to another. They don't even stop to consider all the activity that goes on in its huge open space.

The Scouting Report

Ilsan Culture Park is made up almost entirely of concrete. There is not much grass to be found. So while traditional ball games and sports are rarely played here, the open space---a very large one---sees a constant flurry of activity. BMX riders and rollerbladers constantly take over one end of the plaza honing their skills on wheels. Remote controlled vehicles are also commonly spotted rolling (or flying) in the park.

Also, as the park joins two of Ilsan's more popular pedestrian-friendly shopping destinations (La Festa and Westerndom) and is a major gateway for Ilsan Lake Park, demonstrators and other groups craving the attention of passersby routinely set up camp in the park.

Ilsan Culture Park

Nothing but wide-open pavement


Concrete. It is one big slab of rock.



Sports and Recreation Nearby

Extra Info

Even though there is not an actual skate park here, it is a very popular spot for skaters and cyclists.

This information may not be current, but there used to be a touch rugby group that met in the park in the evening during the week to play touch rugby.

Photo Gallery

Check out the Ilsan Culture Park photo album to see more pictures of the area.

How To Get There

Where: Gyeonggi-do, Goyang-si, Ilsan-gu, Janghang-2-dong

From Line 3 - Jeongbalsan Station (정발산역):
-Both exits 1 and 2 will deliver you directly to where you want to be.

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Originally posted April 25, 2015
Updated December 8, 2015

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