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Namsan is perhaps the most recognizable and iconic landmark in Seoul. This short mountain rises out of the middle of Seoul and thanks to the prominent N Seoul Tower that sits atop the mountain, is easily seen from many parts of the city. The aforementioned tower often gets all the attention, but Namsan is a mountain that has so much more than a tower.

The Scouting Report

Namsan is only 122 meters high. That is pretty short. In fact, it is short enough to put Namsan toward the tail end of the list for highest mountains in or near Seoul. Despite its low elevation, Namsan is one of the most visited mountains in Seoul.

The main draw for Namsan is the N Seoul Tower which sits atop the mountain. It is a popular destination for everyone from expats to tourists to locals to even dogs. Just visit the tower on a clear afternoon and you will get a full helping of people watching.

N Seoul Tower is not the only reason to visit the mountain, though. It has a number of interesting sites that should be given attention. The traditional Hanok Village at the northern base of the mountain gives a nice taste of traditional life in Seoul. A small garden on the southern base of the mountain is a beautiful place to visit and doesn't require much climbing to enjoy. Hikers following the Seoul Fortress Trail must traverse Namsan as it was one of the ancient barrier mountains of Seoul. Aside from all this, Namsan has plenty of trails criss-crossing it that provide ample opportunities for exercise.

Opportunities to explore and experience nature abound in this green space in the middle of Seoul thanks to practically the entire mountain being encompassed by Namsan Park.

Namsan is truly a mountain that outdoes itself. It should be able to feel good about itself.
-Good Job, Namsan--

Pavilion at the top of Namsan

Pavilion at the top of Namsan

Namsan as seen from Naksan

Namsan as seen from Naksan

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"Hiking up Namsan Mountain to reach Seoul Tower on a gorgeous fall afternoon" by Samuel & Audrey


Clips from N Seoul Tower on Namsan

How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Jung-gu

From Line 4 - Myeongdong Station (명동역):
-Walk about 200 meters straight out of exit 4. Turn left when you get to an intersection that has the Sinsegae Department Store on the corner.
-Walk another 300 meters slightly uphill. You will see a small railcar/tram that takes you to the Namsan Cable Car.

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Originally posted September 21, 2015
Updated October 16, 2015

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