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If not for its location, Maebongsan would be a rather insignificant mountain in Seoul. Fortunately, it is located right next to World Cup Stadium. There are in fact several walking trails on the mountain that begin (or end) in World Cup Stadium Park. As such, it receives a lot of attention because its neighbor.

The Scouting Report

Maebongsan is a short mountain. It is only slightly higher than the World Cup Stadium that sits next to it. However, the trailblazers who chose the routes up the mountain did not think there was any need for switchbacks. As a result of the straight-up-the-mountain-approach, getting to the top can be a bit more difficult than one would normally expect.

Comfortable Hiking

Fortunately, the trailblazers weren't total sadists. They were thoughtful enough to place comfortable recliners along the trails so that hikers could have proper breaks.

Recliners on Maebongsan

Recliners on Maebongsan

Hike and Read

Hikers on Maebongsan tend to be a literate bunch. Feel free to donate to and borrow from the on-mountain library.

Library on Maebongsan

Library on Maebongsan

Extra Info

Hiking trails can be found all over the mountain. However; the areas of the mountain closer to World Cup Park are a little more family friendly. The walking trails are more suited for those of any age group. Also, there are a few nice attractions that kids would particularly enjoy.

Things to Do

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Check out the Maebongsan photo album to see more pictures.

How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Mapo-gu, Seongsan-dong

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Originally posted April 18, 2015
Updated December 6, 2015

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