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Ice Skating


Ice Skating

Lotte World
롯데 월드


Lotte World
Ice Skating

There isn't much that compares to Lotte World in Seoul. This behemoth of an entertainment complex claims to have the world's largest indoor amusement park. This allows for a fun time to be found all year long. In the center of the amusement park there is a very popular ice rink.

The Scouting Report

Lotte World's ice rink is packed...with both ice and people. On any typical day, you will find A LOT of people. It is possibly the most popular ice-skating rink in Seoul. (Maybe that is why nearby Jamsil Station is the 2nd busiest subway stop in Seoul---lots of people using it to get to the ice rink.)

There is plenty to do at Lotte World even if you don't skate. If you are merely passing time while waiting, you will find a healthy dose of shopping nearby. Or perhaps you'd prefer to go into the theme park and ride a few rides. Or perhaps you'd like to catch a B-Boys show. Bottom line: there is plenty to do here that doesn't involve ice skating. But honestly, since you're already here, why not strap on a pair of skates and enjoy a session?

Lotte World ice skating rink


Lotte World ice skating rink

....the untold path to coldness


If you were expecting to find something here besides ice....well, you would be horribly mistaken. This is an ice rink. It is made of ice. The surface is ice. Surprised?

Lotte World ice skating rink

Take a close look at the surface. You will see lots of ice.


  • It is open year round.
  • Do you easily tire of skating? Or are you merely tagging along with friends who love skating, but you don't care for it? You are lucky. There are plenty of other entertainment options nearby.


  • It stays busy. As in...
  • There are lots of people. The rink is...
  • Packed. In other words, skaters are...
  • Crammed onto the ice rink. So...
  • Skate at your own risk.
Lotte World ice skating rink

Do you see all those people? Well, there are more.


Admission Only - 10,000 won
Skate Rental - 5,000 won

Extra Info

There are lockers in which to store your belongings while you are on the ice.

The atmosphere in the evening is particularly festive. Special lighting illuminates the rink. Party!

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Light Show at Night


To see more photos, check out the Lotte World Ice-skating photo album.

How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Songpa-gu, Jamsil-dong

From Line 2 - Jamsil Station (잠실역):
-The ice rink is connected to the subway station. There is no need to go outside. Follow the signs to Lotte World Adventure Theme Park.
-Once you get to the main entrance to the theme park, take the stairs down a level. The ice rink is on level B2.

From Line 8 - Jamsil Station (잠실역):
-same as above

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Originally posted January 18, 2015
Updated November 29, 2015

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