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Grand Hilton Seoul Hotel
그랜드 힐튼 서울 호텔


Grand Hilton Seoul

The Grand Hilton Seoul is a major hotel that lies in an ideal location for travelers wanting to avoid the noise of Seoul and wanting to enjoy nature instead. It sits at the foot of Baekryeon Mountain and across from an urban stream. Compared to most hotels in Seoul, the opportunities for enjoying the outdoors here are endless.

The Scouting Report

The Grand Hilton Seoul is perfect for travelers who want to be close, but not be right in the middle of things. Truly, in some ways, the hotel doesn't even feel like it is in Seoul. It's location is quite unique considering how big of a hotel it is. That location is great if you want to get out and see nature. It is surrounded by green space and mountains.

Grand Hilton Seoul

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Grand Hilton Seoul

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Things to do Nearby


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How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Seodaemun-gu, Hongeun-dong

From Line 3 - Hongje Station (홍제역):

Nearest Bus Stop: Jeongweon Yeojung (정원여중) - ID 13-161
-Buses: 567, 110B, 153, 7018, 7021, 7720

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Originally posted January 14, 2015
Updated November 26, 2015

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