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Inwangsan (Suseong-dong Valley)
인왕산 (수성동 계곡)


Inwangsan (Suseong-dong Valley)

Suseong-dong Valley sits at the base of Inwangsan. There is a very short, paved walking path that makes a pleasant loop through the valley. The valley is a beautiful and culturally significant spot in Seoul.

For those of you familiar with Korean art, you may recognize the valley from a painting done by Gyeomjae Jeong Seon, a Joseon master painter who lived 1676-1759. In addition to its artistic significance, Suseong-dong Valley is also the original source of Cheonggyecheon, the popular stream that runs through the middle of Seoul.

The Scouting Report

This picturesque valley that lies at the foot of Inwangsan does not look like it is in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world. It's beauty if compact and plentiful. This particular "hike" is so short it can hardly even be called a hike. It is more so a nice, short stroll.


The path that loops through the valley is mostly paved concrete. The footing is very solid.


(1=easy, 5=difficult): 1
-The route is fairly flat, extremely short, and paved the entire way.

How To Get There

From Line 3 - Gyeongbokgung Station (경복궁역):
-Go out exit #3. Walk until you get to the bus #9 bus stop. Take bus #9 to the end of the route. It will park at the end of its route, and the valley lies just beyond the bus's parking area.


What signs should I follow?
This route is short. Don't worry about signs. Just follow the trail.

Suseong-dong Valley

Suseong-dong Valley map

When you enter the mouth of the valley, look for the Suseong-dong Valley map seen above.

Near the map, look for the display that provides information about the valley. A copy of a well-known painting that the valley appears in can be seen here.

Suseong-dong Valley

The entrance to Suseong-dong Valley

Follow the path to the left. It will loop around the small valley. The path is only .5 kilometers long.

There are a few trails that branch off of this loop and lead up Inwangsan. As long as you stay level, and don't ascend too steeply, you won't have any problem getting back to the starting point.

Suseong-dong Valley

A nice resting area in the valley


The loop around Suseong-dong Valley can easily be completed in a mere 10 minutes.

Cool Down

Instead of taking the bus back, stroll down the street that leads to the valley. There are numerous quaint coffee shops and restaurants. See the Seoul Spots page on Seochon Okin-gil.

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Originally posted January 12, 2015
Updated October 4, 2015

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