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Haengjusan Fortress Loop
행주산성 길


Haengjusan Fortress Loop

Centuries ago, Haengsan Fortress occupied Deokyang Mountain. There are not many visible remains of the fortress today; however, the history has been well documented. While enjoying a stroll along this loop, you will pass many sites commemorating historical figures and events related to the old fortress. This is a very easy walk with only a slight elevation gain, and people of all ages should be able to enjoy the experience.

The Scouting Report

This route makes for a nice afternoon stroll. The first half of the walk/hike/stroll---whatever you'd like to call it---follows a paved road. The road is restricted to pedestrian traffic save for the occasional shuttle that carries visitors not interested in actually walking. After reaching the peak, take a few minutes to enjoy the views and relax. The return trip follows a dirt path through a wooded mountainside.


Concrete path, packed dirt trail, and stairs


(1=easy, 5=difficult): 2
-As far as hiking on a mountain goes, this loop is fairly easy. There is a gain of approximately 90 meters of elevation. There are also 2 lengthy sets of stairs to ascend/descend.

As far as Seoul hikes are concerned, on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the most difficult hike, it carries a 4 rating.

How To Get There

Deokyang Mountain is nowhere near a subway stop. There is a bus stop near the parking lot for the mountain. Either find a car to drive or ride one of the following buses:
-Bus Stop ID: 19-040. Buses #85-1, Maeul Bus #012, and Maeul Bus #011
-Bus Stop ID: 19-041. Buses #85-1 and Maeul Bus #011


From the parking lot, purchase a ticket and enter the gate.

There aren't too many options. It would be pretty difficult to get lost. Follow the wide road that leads up the hill.

Haengjusan Fortress road

Haengjusan Fortress road

Along the way, feel free to veer off and look around a few of the sites. As long as you stay on the paved path, you won't get lost. Just keep working your way uphill.

When you reach the top, take some time to look around and enjoy the views.

Near the summit

Near the summit of Deokyangsan

Seoul skyline

Seoul's skyline

When you are ready to descend, find the stairs behind the main building leading to the 'Earthen Fortress Wall'.

Follow this trail until it loops back to the main road you walked up. Continue downhill until you get back to the parking lot.

Direction signs

Direction signs


The loop can easily be completed in just under an hour. Budget more time if you are interested in spending time at the different sites along the way.



Cool Down

Downhill from the parking lot to the west, the road weaves through an excellent selection of restaurants and cafes. These spots are best served by driving a private car, though.


To see more photos of the Haenjusan Fortress Loop, check out the Deokyangsan photo album.

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Originally posted January 17, 2015
Updated November 20, 2015

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