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Let's Run Park (Horse Track)
레츠 런 파크


Let's Run Park (Horse Track)

It doesn't matter if you are into horse racing. Even if you've never been to a horse track in your life, Let's Run Park is a destination worth visiting. It has all the normal facilities for gambling and watching the horse racing. However; if that is not your thing, there are other things at Let's Run Park to see and do. The entire infield of the horse track is one big family-friendly park. It has enough to entertain all those not interested in the racing and gambling.

The Scouting Report

Admission is 2000 won. T-Money cards can be used to pay for admission, but there is another option if you don't have a T-Money card. There are automatic ticket machines at the front gate where tickets must be purchased for 3000 won. However, when leaving the park, you can get 1000 won refunded if you return the ticket.

The primary betting venue consists of a long building running the length of the track's homestretch. It consists of 4 levels and is divided into two sections: Happyville and Luckyville.

All the tickets and information are in Korean. However, there are kiosks offering help to foreigners. It is relatively easy to find a translation guide. So, even if you don't know any Korean, you can still fill out a ticket.

100 won is the smallest wager possible. This is approximately equivalent to a US dime.

Races are usually held on Saturdays and Sundays with an occasional Friday thrown in there for good measure. The first race of the day typically starts at 10:50 a.m.

The Infield: Family Park

The entire infield consists of a park to entertain those not even remotely interested in horse racing. There are plenty of activities for younger kids. Bicycles and inline skates can be borrowed for free. There are plenty of paths to skate or ride around on.

Several gardens are kept in immaculate form. Any horticulturalist out there would enjoy strolling through the wonderful landscaping.

Let's Run Horse Track Seoul

The infield has beautiful landscaping.


A soccer field!? Yep. There is even a soccer field. Bring a ball and boots. The soccer field is free to use for anyone; however, Family Park regularly hosts special events. Activities related to these special events are often set up on the soccer field. Keep that in mind. The field may not be available on some days.

Let's Run Horse Track Seoul

Soccer field in the infield

Should You Go?


Again, even if you are not into horse racing, Let's Run Park provides plenty to do. Walking around the place is enjoyable enough in itself. It is a massive complex with plenty to see. And let's race it, at 2000 won, the price isn't going to eat up your budget. So....yes, go.

Sports and Recreation


Interested in seeing where some of the horses were bred and trained? Check out the Wondang Horse Ranch.

Let's Run Horse Track Seoul

Racing at Seoul's horse track

Let's Run Park on the Web

-Horse Racing in Korea - an amazingly comprehensive site in English

VIP Room at Seoul Race Track

Photo Gallery

Check out the Let's Run - Seoul Racecourse Park - Horse Track photo album to see more pictures of the area.

How To Get There

Where: Gyeonggi-do, Gwacheon-si, Juam-dong

From Line 4 - Seoul Racecourse Park Station (경마공원역):
-Walk out of exit 2 or 3. Follow the covered walkway. It leads straight to the main gate.

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Originally posted April 19, 2015
Updated November 13, 2015

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