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Maroo Park
마루 공원


Maroo Park

Gangnam is home to a small but excellent sports park in Maroo Park. This park has a nice collection of athletic facilities. Tennis? Yep. Badminton? You bet'cha. Futsal? Most definitely yes.

The Scouting Report

There are two very good futsal fields at Maroo Park. They are side by side and have nice, artificial turf that is in pretty good condition. The turf handles all sorts of weather. It needs to be able to do that, too. The fields are so popular that it is common to see games being played here regardless of the weather conditions.


Artificial turf. It is in good shape. Wear your turf shoes. But don't get turf toe.


  • Surface and goals are in great condition.
  • The setting is great. Lots of sports going on all around.


  • Popular = busy = hard to get on and play.
  • Not much covering nearby. When it gets hot here, it gets HOT.
Futsal Field at Maroo Park

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Extra Info

If you come here wanting to play futsal, come prepared with alternate entertainment. You may have to wait your turn. Bring a basketball for the courts next door. Bring a frisbee to throw around. Just don't despair. There is plenty to do at Maroo Park.

Maroo Park's futsal fields

Space abounds around the fields

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Photo Gallery

Check out the Maroo Park photo album to see more pictures of the area.

How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Gangnam-gu, Ilweon-2-dong

From Line 3 - Daecheong Station (대청역):
-Leave through exit 2. Turn left and walk for 200 meters. Look for a small path that leads into the park on your left. Once in the park, the futsal fields will appear straight ahead.

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Originally posted June 12, 2015
Updated November 8, 2015

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