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Gapyeong Top Land Bungee Jumping

Many people don't know about the bungee jumping opportunity that lies in Gapyeong. The tower is usually discovered by those making their way to nearby Nami Island. As a result, most people walk straight on by without even jumping.

Don't be most people. Dare to jump.

Gapyeong Top Land's bungee jumping platform stands on the shore of the scenic Bukhan River. The river teems with activity around here. Because it is only 2 hours away from Seoul, it is truly an exciting and ideal destination for many people looking to get out of the city and relax.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to Gapyeong and jump.


  • Height: 55 meters
  • Cost: 40,000 won *(see below)*
      *Discounts Available*
    • Groups larger than 20 will run you 30,000 won per person.
    • Several other discount packages include combos involving Top Land's water sports and activities.
  • Weight Range: 35kg - 95 kg
  • Type of Jumping: Waist

Still Interested? Got Questions?

  • Main Office Phone: 1688-4711
  • On Site Phone: 031-582-5372
  • Gapyeong Top Land Website (Go directly to Bungee Jumping Page) (all in Korean)

Sports and Recreation Nearby

Somebody (apparently Jake) bungee jumping in Gapyeong

How To Get There

Where: Gyeonggi-do, Gapyeong-gun, Cheongpyeong-myeon

From Gyeongchun Line - Gapyeong Station (가평역):
Leave the station and cross the street. Jump on bus 33-5. Take that bus to Nami Island Jongjeom (남이섬종점정류장) bus stop. Look for the bungee jumping tower. You can't miss it.

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Posted May 25, 2015
Update July 12, 2015

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