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Linda McCartney Retrospective


Linda McCartney

By Micky Miranda

Although I consider myself a fan of The Beatles, I've never really taken a major interest in their personal lives. I've done the Wikipedia browse-through. I know about their mid-career, drug-influenced, stylistic change and the Yoko-influenced rift. I've also inhaled everything I could about John Lennon's assassination. Apart from that, I've mainly focused on their music. Excluding the usual hits, I enjoy "Mother Nature's Son", "Cry Baby Cry", and "Your Mother Should Know".

So I was doubly surprised when a friend told me:

1) There was a Linda McCartney exhibit right here in Seoul. And,
2) That she was Paul McCartney's wife. (I apologize, but I thought the only spouse that mattered was Yoko Ono.)

Linda McCartney Retrospective exhibit

The Linda McCartney Retrospective exhibit

I woke up Sunday morning, had some breakfast, and headed on over. I decided not to research about the exhibit and walk in blind. One thing I was expecting based on other western-themed exhibits I'd been to (e.g. Tim Burton) was a crowd. I'd been warned earlier that there would be a line, but that it would fly through fairly quickly.

We walked through a small alleyway and saw a sign for Daelim Museum (see directions below). We saw a few posters lining the walls and then turned the corner. BAM! There was the line. Multiple lines. We got some complimentary, roasted barley tea (boricha) and took our place in line.

Way to the Linda McCartney Retrospective exhibit

Way to the Linda McCartney Retrospective exhibit

The line's pace was somewhat steady. About five minutes in, we were given an offer. Order a beverage from the museum's cafe and we'd be able to bypass the line. We took the offer.

The cafe was very artsy. It had a lawn/camping theme. We hung out there for a bit and watched a couple Henrik Vibskov fashion show videos. Apparently, he has an exhibit starting in July at Daerim Museum. We then took our cafe receipt to the front door.


Lawn at entrance to the Linda McCartney Retrospective exhibit

We entered the museum and bought our tickets. Tickets only cost 5,000 won. The exhibit was divided by theme (the 60s, family, social commentary, and shots of Linda). Due to the rush, we had to start on the fourth floor.

Although there was a rush, we weren't too pressured. A lot of people were taking photos, but you could stand your ground and enjoy. Towards the end, the crowd does wear you down. I like to browse museums at a leisurely pace, but when people are constantly behind you, you always feel like they expect you to hurry on through.

Crowd at Linda McCartney Retrospective

Crowd at the Linda McCartney Retrospective exhibit

As for the exhibit, I'll let you form your own opinion. I think the exhibit is worth a visit, especially at the price tag. For a small sampling of what you'd see, browse through the photos in our album.

If you decide to go, and have a little time to spare, head to Suseong-dong Valley near the foot of Inwangsan for a pleasant stroll through a beautiful setting.

Exhibit Information

-Runs until April 26, 2015

-Daelim Museum Hours of Operation:
Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Monday - Closed

-Cost: 5,000 won


-How To Get There:

Map to Linda McCartney Retrospective

Map to the Linda McCartney Retrospective exhibit


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Posted January 27, 2015

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