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"Fixed Gear Cycling Race in South Korea"
Video of the Week


Video of the Week: "Fixed Gear Cycling Race in South Korea"

Video by Red Bull

Red Bull is always up to something crazy. This time it's sponsoring a fixed gear cycling race at I'Park mall at Yongsan Station.

Fixed Gear Cyclings

For those who do not know:
fixed gear bicycles are ones that have only one gear. On top of that, the chain is attached to the rear will in such a way that whenever the rear wheel spins, the pedals must spin as well. There is no resting of the feet. As long as the bike is moving, the feet must move, too.

At first, riding such a bike may not sound too difficult. But it is a very different endeavor from riding more traditional bikes. Breaking and coming to a stop are very challenging efforts for those not used to fixed gear biking.

Check out the video. The track doesn't look like much, but it requires a lot of skill to race a fixed gear bike. Huge props go out to these cyclists.


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Posted September 9, 2015

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