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Baseball Practice
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Nothing says Korean tradition like baseball, right? Why else would there be batting cages in Insa-dong, ground zero for Korean tradition. Regardless of whether the batting cages belong in Insa-dong or not, they are there. And they actually serve a good purpose: providing a distraction for the people who get dragged to Insa-dong against their wills. The batting cages are a great alternative to souvenir shopping for anyone trying to kill time.

Essential Information

Extra Information

There are various arcade games in the lounge.

Want something to eat or drink before or after taking a few cuts? You're in luck. You're in Insa-dong. Directly outside is a plethora of street food vendors.

There is also a pitching zone that measures how well you can throw a ball.


And of course there is a small air-pistol firing range. Why wouldn't there be.

How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Jongno-gu, Insa-dong

From Line 3 - Anguk Station (안국역):
-Use exit 6. Walk straight and turn left at the first street. Vehicles are typically barred from using the street. It is a pleasant street to stroll down.
-Follow the street for about 500 meters. The batting cages will be on your right. They are a bit difficult to see from the street. Look for a building that says, "야구장".

From Line 1 - Jonggak Station (종각역):
-Use exit 3. Walk straight for about 300 meters. Turn left at the first major intersection you come to. Veer left along a pedestrian-only street after about 100 meters.
-The batting cages will soon appear on your left. They are slightly difficult to see at first. Look for a sign that says, "야구장".

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Posted May 3, 2015
Update October 10, 2015