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Yeongdeungpo Park





Yeongdeungpo Park
영등포 공원


Yeongdeungpo Park

Yeongdeungpo Park is an interesting park. It attracts a wide variety of visitors. The park and surrounding area tend to attract the homeless, but it is still a nice park....thanks to the badminton courts.

The Scouting Report

Looking for four badminton courts? Look no further. Looking for courts surrounded by groomed trees and brushes? Look no further. Looking for gold? Look elsewhere.


Standard gravel surface. It's not too loose.


  • All four courts are relatively well-maintained.
  • All four courts come complete with nets.
  • All four courts are often empty. ie - Easy to get court time here.


  • The area isn't exactly a clean one. Behind the courts, near the tracks, homeless individuals tend to gather. They don't present any problem. In fact, they would possibly be happy to join you in a game.
Yeongdeunpo Park

Yeongdeunpo Park

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To see more photos, check out the Yeongdeungpo Park Badminton photo album.

Extra Information

Toilets are nearby. Feel free to use them. Or, if you'd rather, use your pants instead.

How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Yeongdeungpobon-dong

From Line 1 - Yeongdeungpo Station (영등포역):
-Go out exit 1. Walk straight for 190 meters, and you will reach the park. The courts are near gate 5.

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Originally posted November 28, 2014
Updated October 24, 2015

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