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Waryong Park





Waryong Park
와룡 공원


Waryong Park

Waryong Park is probably familiar to those of you who have hiked Bugaksan. It serves as a gateway to hiking along Bugaksan's restricted trails. While many people merely transit through Waryong Park, it is a fine park in itself that has plenty to do. Such as playing badminton.

The Scouting Report

Waryong Park has four badminton courts enclosed by walls. In addition to being well maintained, the courts are in a quite scenic location.


Tight gravel and dirt. The grip was adequate. You know what they say: grip comes from technique and balance; not from your shoes.


  • The courts are very scenic. They are surrounded by trees and at an elevated height. It's a great spot to play a five-setter.
  • Nets are provided. Bring the rackets. Bring the birdies. Bring the noise. Chirp Chirp.
  • Due to its location, the courts don't get too crowded.
  • The courts are surrounded by fiberglass walls. They do an adequate job of blocking the wind.


  • The courts are not in a convenient location for most of Seoul. They are not subway friendly.
Waryong Park Badminton

Waryong Park badminton courts



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Extra Information

These courts are an ideal place for a match before or after hiking Bugaksan.

There are bathrooms nearby. A sensor beeps when you walk inside, so if you thought you could slip in unnoticed, guess what: you thought wrong.

How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Jongno-gu, Myeongnyoon-dong

From Line 3 - Anguk Station (안국역):
-Come out of exit 2. Right outside of exit 2 is a bus stop. (The bus will stop there.)
-Take bus no. 2. Get off at Sungkyunkwan University. You will know you are close to the bus stop when you start going uphill.
-Once off the bus, keep walking uphill until you reach a bunch of big white Korean letters perched atop a rock. It will say 와룡공원. This is Waryong Park.
-The courts are close to the entrance near the bathrooms. Go down the stairs, and the courts are behind the bathrooms.

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Originally posted January 8, 2015
Updated October 23, 2015

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