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Hongjecheon Badminton

Hongjecheon is a stream with walking paths on either side that stretch from the Han River to Hongje Station on Line 3 in Seodaemun-gu. At about the halfway point between the two terminals, there are a few badminton courts that aren't in bad shape.

The Scouting Report

There are four badminton courts clustered together along the Hongjecheon (Hongje Stream). They aren't the best courts in the world, but they are sure as heck the best courts on the banks of the Hongjecheon.


All the courts have a blue hardtop surface. It has pretty decent grip.


  • There are four courts in total. Four is the magic number.
  • They are seldomly ever used all at once.
  • In the evening, two courts are well lit.
  • Wind rarely is an issue at this location.


  • Two of the courts are not well lit.
  • You may need to bring and hang your own net.
Hongjecheon Badminton

Hongjecheon Badminton


Check out the Hongje Badminton Courts photo album to see more pictures.

How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Seodaemun-gu, Yeonhui-dong

From Line 3 - Hongje Station (홍제역):
-Take exit 4. Walk straight until you come to a 4-way intersection with traffic lights. Turn left.
-You will soon see that you are walking next to a stream. Descend from the roadway and into the stream at your first opportunity.
-Walk for two kilometers until you reach the courts. The courts are on the right side of the stream. They sit between Yeonhui and Yeongagyo bridges.

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Posted October 14, 2015

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