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Hongje Badminton

Did you have plans to play badminton? Has rain, snow, or hail ruined your plans? Well, have no fear. The Hongje Badminton Courts are here.

The Scouting Report

There are six courts inside a well-lit building that is solely dedicated to badminton. It makes for a great indoor activity on a rainy day in Seoul.


The surface is painted green cement. It has good give and grip.


  • It is indoors.
  • The building is well lit.
  • There are six courts.
  • The locals are very friendly. So much so, that they might even start teaching you how to play.
  • There are birdies available for public use. However, they are a bit worn.


  • Although there are six courts, they do get busy. Be prepared to wait your turn.
  • If the courts are busy, be prepared to play doubles or share a court.
Hongje Badminton

Hongje Badminton Clubhouse

Hongje Badminton

Fast action!



Check out the Hongje Badminton Courts photo album to see more pictures.

How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Seodaemun-gu, Hongeun-1-dong

From Line 3 - Hongje Station (홍제역):
-Take Bus 110A, 110B, 153, 7018, or 7730 to Seoul Women's College of Nursing (Bus Stop ID: 13-169 and 13-168).
-From the bus stop, walk towards the S-Oil gas station. The ramp leading to the courts is on the opposite side of the street from the gas station.
-You will see two banners in Korean. The badminton facility is behind the banners.

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Originally posted March 2, 2014
Update October 13, 2015

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