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Boramae Park





Boramae Park
보라매 공원


Boramae Park

Even though Boramae Park isn't one of the most popular parks in Seoul, it is one of the best. It is a park for everyone. From the athletes to the picnickers and the children to the adults, this park has something for everyone.

The Scouting Report

There is a certain mystique about the badminton played at Boramae Park. The mere placement of the courts in relation to every other athletic endeavor at the park speaks of the uniqueness of the game here. You won't find the courts near all the other sports facilities. They are on the opposite sides of the park from each other. And while all the other sports are played out in the open for everyone to see, the badminton courts are hidden behind a hedge that prevents those passing by from observing.



Lots of dirt. Mixed in with dirt. Boundaries permanently marked by boundary markers.


  • There are five courts to choose from.
  • Windbreakers in the form of hills and trees on all four sides. No matter the season, the wind will be broken.


  • They are used frequently. (While this is a sign of a good court, it makes playing on them sometimes difficult.
Boramae Park Badminton

Table near the courts

Cool Down

Cafe Ju is a cafe in the park that helps out the community. Local youth work in the cafe, and all the proceeds from the cafe benefit local youth programs in the community. Make it a point of visiting and helping the local youth.

Boramae Park Badminton

Badminton courts at Boramae Park



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How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Yongsan-gu, Hyonchang-dong

From Line 2 - Sindaebang Station (신대방역):
Use exit 4.

From Line 7 - Boramae Station (보라매역):
Use exit 2 or 3.

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Originally posted March 22, 2015
Updated December 14, 2015

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